Loop Design




Learning, It's in everything we dO

We are all on a learning journey - picking up information and knowledge as we go; learning is an important and central aspect to our lives. This is something we consider with all of our work - it's fundamental to the User Experience, as people expect to be learn as they engage with new experiences and content - whether in a learning context or not.

And, that 'learning context' line is now blurred - we learn in many different contexts, both formally and informally, directed and self directed and more increasingly socially - learning from colleagues, family and found content - on and offline.

We know the challenges that come from ensuring that you design and building a learning eco-system that fits with your culture and with your user's ever changing lifestyles, giving insight into the full picture of learning, not just completing quizzes or sitting through an online course.

Designing or adapting learning content and tools can become costly and lengthy to implement and can, without careful consideration, quickly tie you in to what becomes a large, hard to manage legacy system.

We are independent of any technology and can advise you on how to get the best solution for your company and users, including the best use of technology, content strategies and implementation. By making use of appropriate, connected systems, we deliver learning to your users that fits with their lives, at their pace, and gives you the management information you need to ensure you are protecting your investment as well as growing your company in a direction you have control of.

By designing open systems that bring together the best aspects of online learning and social platforms with powerful reporting tools, we deliver highly effective learning platforms that simply fit within your culture and quickly become a trusted destination for your users to grow and track their knowledge.